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Life Vessel Treatment & Recovery Centers offers personalized options for drug addiction treatment at our top-rated programs. Our center was created with the individual in mind, focusing on alleviating withdrawal symptoms and treating the underlying causes of addiction. We offer multiple levels of care, ensuring that we meet the needs of each person we treat. For help finding the best addiction programs available, contact us today. 


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addiction Detox

Our state-of-the-art addiction detox program uses evidence-based models to help treat addiction withdrawal symptoms and make sure that the detox process is as comfortable as possible. Through 24-hour care from our medical staff, rest assured that we provide the safest detox protocols and program possible.

Each person who completes our drug detox program can expect to have their withdrawal symptoms managed effectively, preparing them for an effective treatment process following detox. Our goal at Life Vessel Treatment and Recovery is to guide our clients to lifelong recovery from drug addiction.


Medically Supervised Setting

At LVTRC, we ensure the safety and comfort of our patients by providing 24-hour care from experienced doctors, nurses, and other medical staff. Following the detox process, our clients are prepared for effective treatment.

Evidence Based Treatment

We specialize in multiple evidence-based and proven treatment models that get results. Through CBT, DBT, EMDR, and other treatment methods, we help get to the causes of addiction, and help provide the tools to live a life free from drugs and alcohol.

Individualized Treatment Plans

Everyone’s needs are different, which is why we offer individualized treatment plans to meet the specific needs of each person we treat. We custom tailor a plan of action based on the medical, mental, and physical needs of our patients.

Case Management

We understand that people often have responsibilities outside of treatment that require action. Our case management staff are available to our patients to help those in our care handle their responsibilities with care and understanding.


While detox is the first step in most treatment programs, we understand that addiction recovery is a long-term process. While in our care, we work with each patient to build them an aftercare plan that lays the groundwork for a lifetime of success and recovery.

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Addiction Treatment at LVTRC

A medically supervised detox is just the first step towards a successful recovery. It is common for individuals to need extensive therapy and treatment combined with a proven step-down process. We offer detox, residential, partial hospitalization, and intensive outpatient programs. By offering multiple levels of care, and a combination of evidence based therapies, we provide the best success rates available.

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